The name of the project

"Problems and prospects of cooperation at the Post-Soviet space"

Project direction

Social and humanitarian sciences, international relations

Start date for submission of applications


Project implementation period

07/01/2021 - 07/01/2022

Brief description of the project

A new project is being launched on the basis of our research center.The main aim isto study new political and social realities and values, as well as ways to further development of cooperation within the Post-Soviet region.

As you know, the former Soviet countries have a common culture and a 70-year history of cohabitation. But the Soviet past left us a large number of unresolved problems. Many countries in the region still have unresolved territorial issues, as well as hotbeds of conflict that impede the full development of regional cooperation. Last year, after 30 years of negotiations, Azerbaijan unraveled one of the serious conflictat the Caucasus region. It should be noted that for many years the security of the region was under threat due to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Naturally, in such situation it is not worth talking about any economic and trade relations. The peace agreement signed between the parties has become an aid for the development of cooperation not only between the conflicting countries, but also opened up new opportunities in the economic, trade, transport and other spheres of the region.

By implementation of this project, it is planned to study existing problems and identify ways to effectively solve them on the basis of a scientific approach and new methods.

Objective of the project

The purpose of our research is to scientifically substantiate and promote a peaceful way of developing cooperation in the region, as well as to consider the prospects and benefits of this policy for the post-Soviet countries.


1. Contribute to the development of peace in the region

2. Preparation of a scientific basis for cooperation between the countries of the region

3. Identification of the main problems and ways to effectively address existing issues

4. Development of civil society in the region through the dissemination of new approaches in the field of cooperation

5. Implementation of contacts between scientific and cultural circles of the countries of the region

Substantiation of social significance

In the context of world globalization, the issue of international cooperation is still acute. A striking example is the European Union, where countries cooperate with each other in almost all areas. It should be recalled that conflicts existed between them for many years. But the issue of effective development of the economy, social sphere and the well-being of citizens became the basis for cooperation and dispelled existing misunderstandings. It can be assumed that this project will contribute to the development of mutual understanding and cooperation between the countries of the Post-Soviet region.

Ways to achieve goals

1. Analysis of the current situation in the region and preparation of a report

2. To identify problems and develop methods to solve them

3. Holding international conferences between representatives of the scientific community of Post-Soviet countries to discuss issues of further development of the region

4. Conducting various social surveys among citizens of the countries of the region

5. Organization and holding of expert meetings, as well as master classes with university students

6. Preparation of proposals based on the work done to achieve the set goals

Information for participation

The implementation of this project provides the involvement of specialists in the humanitarian scienceand international relations, as well as young and promising analysts. Participation in the project provides an opportunity to exchange experience with international experts, publication of articles on local and foreign platforms. In addition, participation in the project provides the payment of royalties for the publication of articles and the preparation of reports. Within the framework of the project, participants will be issued certificates of participation and letters of recommendation. The distinguished persons will have an opportunity for further cooperation with our center. To participate in the project, please send your CV and links of personal articles to the mentioned below address.




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